The Triops on my desk


Triops Breeding !

I decided to keep track, this page, the evolutionary states of Triops I bought, hoping that I end up like Cartman (



If you’re going to take you too the adventure of farming Triops I suggest you first read all my diary … so ‘maybe you can avoid making the same mistakes I have committed…

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here is the link for the documentation of the old failed experiment :(. QUI (some of the comments really refer to the old experiment)

But let us.


For this experiment I used the kits supplied by Triops Clementoni and kindly given to me by my friends (whose names will inherit Triops) for my birthday.

Well yes .. Clementoni is the Triops kit for its series of games Science and Game !!!


But let us begin the experiment

DAY 0:

That initial preparations …

I plan to follow step by step guide that accompanies the box Clementoni to avoid blunders like the old case (see the previous adventure Triops …)

step 1: Assemble the aquarium



step 2: decorate the aquarium with stickers…

I do not care

step.a : Wash the tank with distilled water

ok .. done!

step.b: put water in the aquarium (for those who did not understand we are talking more and distilled water)




step.c: check the temperature of the aquarium

ok .. this and ‘I think the step that led to failure in the previous experiment …

so … I keep an eye on the temperature!


for now the 20 ° super but I think that standing in front of the window, and with these hot days is expected to stabilize soon and in the recommended temperature ie 23 ° -26 ° C.

Today the rest stop at this point and if tomorrow the temperature will be ‘stable … well .. will ‘turn the eggs!

DAY 1 – 2009/05/21

This morning (2009/05/21 around 9:00 am) I put the eggs in water …

eggs were distributed in this envelope ..

triops eggs

This is the American species of Triops, and not the European one, and that ‘more than’ old …

say they are more ‘robust and more’ suitable for indoor farming …

Between 24/48 hours you should watch the hatch!

uova in acqua


The Triops takes 24/48 hours to hatch .. sometimes more ‘… moreover, must be sure that the conditions in which they are the right ones and that they remain stable …

Today I watched the water with a magnifying glass but I do not, and ‘seemed to see any creature …

For those who want to check there ‘always active on the aquarium webcam 🙂 (indirizzo in testata)


The Triops are BORN!

They are small, very small indeed! the most ‘will be a great couple of millimeters and then there are more’ small …

I counted 4, but I think there are many others that I have not seen …

I wanted to take beautiful photos, thanks to my Macro equipment, but questei DAMNED little creatures swim like crazy! not stay still a minute, can not make a decent picture close!!

Anyway … here are the photos!





And here’s a little blurry video of a newborn Triops:-D


First day of FOOD:-D

The Triops tiny ‘grown up so much .. hour ‘twice yesterday, the other, already’ pasciutelli not have very much increased.

As soon as I put the food are like crazy! once to eat, I’m not surprised that the one month of their size increases by 10 times!

From now on I will write no ‘day to day unless special events ..

WEBCAM will ‘instead of ALWAYS (see page header for the link):-D


No food today.

continue to create new Triops 🙂


There are only 3 Triops!

“gaga’”(the most’ small, and ‘Clear and perhaps do not see it)


“Chiretta” triops


and “Melo” triops



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